Cargo and Freight

Trusted door to door delivery around the world

At Cityhub, we cater for shipments to and from other countries of the world. The quality of our cargo and freight services is top-notch, as we make sure our goods are delivered within the originally estimated time frame.

It is now very common for people to buy products from international stores and have it delivered locally. However, these goods are usually not delivered to the person who made the purchase. This is because the person who bought from the online store is only playing the position of a middleman. In recent times however, these middlemen tend to want more than just the profits they make from being an intermediary. Nowadays, middlemen want to have goods removed from the packs they came in, and replaced with their own brand materials. That way, when the product is finally delivered; it appears as though the middleman is the original manufacturer.

Beyond ensuring that goods arrive at their destination within the agreed period; we have created a system to help us ascertain that goods are left untampered while in transit to their destination, and pending the time when they are picked up. Furthermore, we have measures in place to cater for door to door delivery of goods and packages.